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    July 22, 2008



    Swirling inside the cerebral cortex with the dead pigeons lying amongst the used condoms and dirty needles. The leopard seal snaps his jaws, sinking teeth into the blubbery belly of an emperor penguin. This is poetry. The scarlet ink scrawls across the virgin snow. The last words of an alcoholic Japanese painter. I listen and nod and think that perhaps this is enough. The squalor fills my eyes and ears and nose. The rain taps the roof and the halogen light flickers. I hold his hand as he slips away. The ectoplasm shivers somewhere unknown. I flick the ash from my cigarette and spit into the gutter.

    Craig P

    I'm not sure if the above comment is supposed to be a continuation of your story or just someone who is on some special medication, but anyway... I really love this bear story! More bear stories, please. Should submit to some children's/fantasy publications.


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